them to a certain degree so I may have the joy of witnessing them squirm, shriek and thank Me for giving them the needed instruction and punishment.  With each torment and cruelty I administer My submissives melt as if oil on a canvass and in time perhaps become a perfect masterpiece of obedience and nothingness.


I hold a Bachelors of Fine Art with a Photography/Life Drawing focus and a Minor in Critical Studies. This makes me a stickler for Detail, Visuals and Environmental Control.   I don't suffer fools.

I don't tolerate time wasters.  My Time and Authority are valuable gifts-to Me and to My selected slaves.  I do not compromise them. 


officially became Mistress JenaCBlack in early 2015 after being encouraged by a twisted mix of boredom, perversion and lovers to push the bounds of My kink.   I now provide My Sadistic Control and Training to those in need of A SickAss Mature Goddess to serve and worship in both a Pro-Domme and a Life-style capacity.  The later is most difficult.  ;0 


Over the past years, My skills have grown extensively.  Every session with My slaves has deepened My understanding of BDSM and what it means to provide quality Domination.  I have been fulfilled in doing so ever since, as it truly suits My heart and feeds My never ending quest for knowledge and greater kinky heights.  


I session with the novice and experienced alike.  If you are curious about BDSM there is no need

to be fearful of serving Me, although wickedly sarcastic in session, I am a tempered, sane Woman who will respectfully care for your introduction.  If you are adept I can assure you I will push you to places you can only imagine.  


The protocol for booking a session must be followed precisely.  DO NOT email me with sniveling comparisons to other Domme's protocols or rates.  I simply don't give a shit.  Either do what is required or move on.  I don't do brats.  


Being a woman of powerful sexuality,

I strongly identify with the feminine mystique and I have never hesitated to utilize it to get My demands and desires met.  So given that, it was completely natural that I would embrace My power using it to intrigue and enslave men.  I believe the reason there are laws suppressing Women's reproductive, sexual freedom is solely based upon the fear of Her rightful  Intellectual, Financial and Sexual Superiority.  I am most def a Feminist!

I am also a natural Sadist.  For as long as I can remember I have experienced extreme pleasure by inflicting suffering upon the inferior sex.  It matters not the degree of suffering a submissive can take as each is unique in their tolerance, but that I force  






Even at a very early age, I innately understood the power My sensuality held.  From the beginning it was the psychological pushing of the taboo that fed My sexual awakening, later My desires, and linked Me to those who complimented My deviant nature.