I use the simple GYR for safe words.  I will always immediately respect your safe word and honor your hard lines, but you should expect to be pushed and brought to that limit.  I have found the best way to play free of 'safe words' is to communicate.  I enjoy scheming with kinksters, creatives and even lowly slaves to create the most diabolical exhilarating sexy session we can realize!  (My piss slut is wagging his tongue as I write this! Weirdo wanker whore!)  



I require all slaves & sissies to have impeccable personal hygiene and be showered, shaved, trimmed and groomed. This includes genitals and asshole.  In case you do not know how to do that, get a razor, take a bath or run a shower, spread your legs and cheeks, then shave. 


I also require everyone to wear a chastity device while in My presence.  If u do not own one, let Me know in advance and one will be provided for you.  If you own your own dildo, paddle, torture tool,

body encasement, etc. that you would like Me to use on you make sure they have been cleaned and disinfected before our session.  I take special effort in keeping all of My torture devices sterilized and disinfected.  They will be properly ready for our play. 



I take Feminization, Slut Training and Sissy Maid Service very seriously and whole heartedly joyous!  Those who are accepted into training under Me will be expected to acquire/bring their own lingerie, dresses, panty hose, make-up and other Feminine clothing/products to bring to our sessions. 

If storage is an issue, we can discuss options.   

I prefer Fems who are into service and role-reversal.  Those who are extremely detailed oriented, can tolerate moderate to heavy levels of pain, possess a deplorable humorous deviant mind and sense of humor, has the means and devotion to perpetually raise her Mistress to Greater Heights of Dominion!


-No adult baby training, diapering, breast-feeding or bottle feeding.  No baby play.

-No feces/scat.  I have very strict guidelines to anal play and pegging.   You will be required to make sure your bowels have been emptied and washed (enema) prior to our session.  This must be taken care of before we meet.  You will not empty your bowels in My presence or in My toilet.  You will be required to clean and disinfect all surfaces and dispose of any waste at the end of our session.

-No blood sports, cutting, blood letting, real or faux stabbings or things of that nature.

-If you ejaculate or seep by accident or on purpose you will clean and disinfect contaminated surfaces.

-You do not get to touch Me unless given specific instruction to do so like massaging my feet.

-I do not offer prostitution or fondling of my breasts, bottom or genitalsI will not tolerate sexual advances or lechery.

-No Age Play.  I do not do incest scenes.

-No wrestling, boxing etc.  I am not an Amazon.

-No topping from the bottom.  Although there are many things I can learn from an experienced slave/sissy, once we begin our session, I am the expert and boss.  Topping from the bottom results in session termination and black-listing.  I do all I can to make sure I understand who you are and what both of us expect from our session prior to our meeting.  Friendliness and humor is welcomed, but My subs anticipate My bringing them into their proper role however I like.  Whenever I like.  Wherever I like.

If you absolutely need to break session use your safe word, (red).  I will stop what I am doing or not doing and we can have a brief discussion.  However I do not take kindly to slave/subs attempting to dictate to Me what they need or those who make demands of Me as though I were their inferior or wife/girlfriend or worse property they bought and paid for Me as some form of entertainment!  How disgusting and crude!! Should I sense this is u, I will X u!  But not before I make u pay.  Probably with casts and shame.  

-No Edge Play.  I only provide RACK play with slaves I know very well.


It is extremely important that you divulge any health or medical conditions and disabilities you may have along with medications you take and care you are receiving.  This includes Sexual & Mental health conditions.  It is not My intent to risk jeopardizing your's, Mine or any of My playmates' health or quality of life.  Sessions can be very stern and will cause pain.  You may feel shamed, humiliated, stressed, embarrassed and vulnerable.  You may also experience intense arousal and pass in and out of 'sub-space'.  I want all of My kinky friends, both My collared subs, My significant other,  My lovers and fans to be safe, healthy and vibrant.  Your honesty with Me matters to many. 


New slaves etc. are required to submit a Request to Serve application for consideration.  This helps Me learn more about you and to begin to plan our sessions.  See 'Request to Serve' page to submit your application.  Please note:   I Do Not automatically grant sessions per request.  I need to assess our compatibility first. This is achieved by

1.  Filling out a 'Request to Serve' form 

2.  Follow-up Kik messages

3.  An in-person meet & greet in a vanilla environment or a Zoom/FaceTime informal interview.

3.  More Follow-up Kik messages.  



         Payments:  I accept payments through CashApp.   If you do not have CashApp, you will have to                         download and install it.  My CashApp is $jenacblack.  In order to be put on My calendar, I require $75.00           deposit.  Please see 'Rates'.

         Communications:  I prefer to communicate on Kik.  If you do not have it, you will need to download it .               The beauty of Kik is you can hide the messaging service anywhere on your phone and if need be,                   delete all contents. It gives real time delivery and response info.  You can reach Me on Kik @ jenacblack.

      Cancellation Policy:  DO NOT schedule a session if you are not 99% certain you will be able to keep 

         that date.  Should you absolutely need to reschedule do so as soon as possible.  Do Not wait until 

         right before our appointment.  You get one reschedule, after that another deposit of $75.00 is required.             Do Not be late.  If there are issues out of your control ie traffic etc. I expect you will call right away.                   Subordinates who are late, DO NOT receive the $50.00 deposit deduction.  Be a no call/no show and

         you will NOT be scheduled again.  A no call/no show will earn you membership on the blacklist as a                 time-waster.  

         My Play Space:   I session in a domestic environment in the immediate Western Suburb of Minneapolis. 

         Because of this, privacy and discretion are of the utmost priority.  This is why I screen.  I have a little               dirty make-shift dungeon in My basement.   It has exposed upper level floor boards where I have lots             of anchor points, tools, toys and the likes.   Occasionally, I allow certain fem, sissies and slaves to serve             Me in My private living quarters according to their position.  

         Attire:  I like to dress for most sessions.  I expect my slaves to session nude and my sissies & sluts to

         dress to impress in accordance to their proper position.  In public I make no exception, except the                       nude issue, then I expect subs to dress as I instruct.

         Session Success:  The bottomline 'success' of our engagement is based upon honest communication                 no matter how difficult that may be for you.  Your traditional male ego has no place in My World or                   in any BDSM play.  If you do not provide me with honest communication, from the moment you first

         contact me until the end of our session, there is a good chance you will be left feeling bereft and       

         confused.  Never attempt to impress Me by accepting more pain or kink than you can honestly                           handle.  This is very crucial since My sadistic nature tends to be heavy handed.  But this is especially               important during our first sessions.  If you fail to communicate or use your safe-word out of fear,                       insecurity or ego, you can rightfully consider yourself the biggest failure of all.